Water Management

The competence center based in Cape Town serves as an information, networking and consulting platform for the economy.

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Southern Africa is becoming increasingly water scarce. Technological solutions to improve water management and promote a circular water economy are critical in ensuring sustainable development of the subcontinent.

The Water Management Competence Centre (CC:WM) aims to promote bilateral exchange of technology and know-how between Germany and southern Africa in water management, encompassing the entire water value chain from source to wastewater treatment.

The Water Management Competence Centre (CC:WM) is based in Cape Town.

The objectives of the CC:WM are to:

  • Conduct market analyses and provide market information
  • Support companies in market entry and market expansion
  • Implement initiatives geared towards sustainable water sector market development
  • Represent the water sector, and provide a network and cooperation platform

To achieve the objectives listed above, we continuously expand our international network in the public and private water sectors, thereby connecting the water sector with target industries. Making use of these networks, the CC:WM offers various services to the private sector, including but not limited to, market studies, delegations, business partner searches and information events.  

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The CC:MA also implements projects funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the Market Development Programme. These projects include one-day information events, fact-finding missions, German technology promotion shows, business initiation trips, as well as purchasing and information trips.

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Exploring market opportunities relating to water and wastewater management in the South African mining and mineral processing sectors

Digital Market Exploration Mission for German companies: 5-9 July 2021

The Competence Centre Water Management recently hosted a digital Market Exploration Mission for German companies (download delegation brochure here: BMWi_MiningWater_GermanDelegates). The objective of this 5-day event was to transfer knowledge on current water management practices in the mining and mineral sectors and to explore market opportunities for German companies taking part in the delegation. A conference on this topic took place on 6 July 2021, which counted approximately 200 German and South African participants during the course of the conference day. During this event, the following German companies presented their technological solutions for water and wastewater management in the mining sector in South Africa (presentations downloadable in dropdown menu below): 

German companies presented their technological solutions for water and wastewater management in the mining sector in South Africa

Sensatec GmbH

Sensatec GmbH

Investigation and in situ remediation of industrial and mining sites, sophisticated drilling technologies, as well as the application of sensor-based environmental monitoring systems. Sensatec works together with the South African company AquaMatters (Pty) Ltd.

Download presentation here

Engineering Dobersek GmbH

Engineering Dobersek GmbH

Internationally active mineral processing company specialised in supplying turnkey plants. This company is also active in providing water and wastewater treatment solutions. 

Download presentation here

ifm electronic GmbH

ifm electronic GmbH

ifm manufactures solutions for the automation world, ranging from inductive sensors to condition-based maintenance. ifm optimise water and wastewater plant operation. Keyword: Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Ifm is represented in South Africa by ifm electronic (Pty) Ltd. 

Download presentation here


FELUWA Pumpen GmbH

FELUWA Pumpen GmbH

FELUWA pumps are hermetically sealed and are an excellent solution for transporting abrasive, aggressive and toxic fluids. Thanks to their unique design, FELUWA MULTSAFE® pumps help to reduce water consumption in the mining sector. FELUWA has a local service partner in South Africa:  Rota-Eng Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

Download presentation here

Boreal Light GmbH

Boreal Light GmbH

Specialises in renewable energy solution for water treatment facilities. Applications of the technology in the mining sector include preparing water for human consumption, irrigation (reuse) or the cleaning of contaminated downstream water. Boreal Light is represented in South Africa by BE AfriBusiness (Pty) Ltd. 

Download presentation here



The Wilo Group is one of the world's leading premium suppliers of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and industry, including the mining sector. Wilo offers a wide portfolio of high quality and process-optimised industrial pumps that guarantee trouble-free operation. Wilo is represented in South Africa by Wilo Pumps SA (Pty) Ltd. 

Download presentation here

PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH

PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH

ClearFox® is the name of the brand for the products of PPU Umwelttechnik GmbH. PPU specialises in modular containerised systems that are factory tested and basically plug&play with minimal on site work. PPU Works together with a South African company called Kainos Projects Africa.

Download presentation here


MANN+HUMMEL Water & Fluid Solutions GmbH

MANN+HUMMEL Water & Fluid Solutions GmbH

Leading membrane manufacturer, offering membrane filtration and separation solutions. Mann+Hummel is represented in South Africa by Memcon (Pty) Ltd. Memcon provides solutions for fresh and wastewater treatment, process liquids treatment/recycling (i.e. acids / electrolytes), recovery of metals from side streams and tailings. 

Download presentation here

HYDAC International

HYDAC International

Leading global suppliers of components, systems and services in the areas of hydraulics, lubrication, fluid care/filtration, cooling, electronics and condition monitoring. One of HYDAC’s core competencies is the filtration and treatment of fluids. HYDAC supplies solutions for water filtration such as automatic back-flushing filters and fine filters down to 1µm as well as filter skids for freshwater, wastewater and process water treatment. HYDAC International is represented in South Africa by HYDAC Technology (Pty) Ltd.  

Download presentation here

VEGA Grieshaber KG

VEGA Grieshaber KG

VEGA supplies measurement technology for level, switching and pressure - perfectly adapted to the requirements of the water and wastewater, chemical and pharmaceutical or even food industries.  VEGA Grieshaber KG is represented in South Africa by VEGA Controls SA (Pty) Ltd. 

Download presentation here

EnviroChemie GmbH

EnviroChemie GmbH

EnviroChemie is a leading plant engineering company that specialises in the design, construction and operation of industrial water and wastewater treatment, water circulation and water reuse. These include energy and resource-efficient solutions for water treatment, water recycling, the treatment of process water, cooling water, wastewater treatment and resource recovery. 

Download presentation here

Cerafiltec Germany GmbH

Cerafiltec Germany GmbH

CERAFILTEC® provides ceramic flat sheet membrane technology solutions including process know-how and engineering. The membrane systems of micro- and ultrafiltration like those provided by CERAFILTEC® substitute typical sand filters, sedimentation tanks, and polymeric micro- and ultrafiltration solutions for particle and pathogen removal from water. Cerafiltec is represented in South Africa by Cerafiltec South Africa (Pty) Ltd. 

Download presentation here 

J&C Bachmann GmbH

J&C Bachmann GmbH

J&C Bachmann delivers technology and solutions for process control and quality monitoring in demanding industries. Typical applications are in mining, recycling, environmental and automotive manufacturing industries.  Keywords: X-Ray Fluorescence Online Element Analyzers, Borehole XRF Probes, Image Analysis, Microwave Moisture Measurement. 

Download presentation here 

You can download the following presentations given at the conference here:


Introduction of the AHK Southern Africa: Water Management Competence Centre, Vera Massie 

Introduction of the AHK Southern Africa: Mineral Resources Competence Centre, Simon Doleschal 

Introduction of the German Water Partnership e.V. (GWP): Programme Advisor, Theresa Hübscher 

Presentation on the Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Self-Assessment Tool Minerals Council South Africa, represented by William Pulles, Managing Director of Pulles Howard & De Lange Inc.

The project forms part of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) Export Initiative for Environmental Technology and is carried out as part of the BMWi market development program for small and medium-sized German companies (“Markterschließungsprogramm”). The Market Exploration Mission was organised in co-operation with the German Water Partnership e.V. and was supported by the VDMA.

Latest Publications


As part of the market development programme of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Southern Africa (AHK), in partnership with the German Water Partnership e.V. (GWP), organised a business trip to Zambia for German companies in the field of water technology and water management in November 2019. A target market analysis was published in German as part of this project and can be downloaded below.


Namibia and South Africa:

As part of the market development programme of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Southern Africa (AHK), in partnership with the German Water Partnership e.V. (GWP), organised a business trip to South Africa and Namibia for German companies active in the water sector in May 2019. The focus was on technologies for demand management, water recycling, consumption reduction and the exploitation of alternative water sources as well as systems for improved management. Such technologies are of great relevance to target countries that are vulnerable to droughts, water shortages and water pollution. A target market analysis was published in German as part of this project and can be downloaded below.