Trade fair services

We inform you about the fair offer in South Africa and support your trade fair appearances.

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Take the chance to conquer the 2 trillion dollar market of Africa. Attend a regional fair and introduce your products and services to the African market.

Our service includes

  • Selection of suitable fair in Germany and South Africa and its neighboring countries and provision of post show report
  • Trade fair registration / catalog entry
  • Stand bookings and organization of national group pavilions
  • Design and construction of your exhibition stand
  • Services for the exhibition stand: catering / hostess / furniture / other
  • Complete care visitors acquisition forwarding services

Organizational and logistical preparation of the trip

  • flight booking
  • hotel accommodation
  • Shuttle Bus and Airport Transfer
  • Tourist supporting programme
  • visa service

Preparation of delegation meetings/events

  • B2B meetings and company visits before, during and after the fair
  • Appointments with ministries and multipliers
  • Appointments with individual companies, if desired press work
  • Participation in worldwide presentations and workshops on export promotion as well as other marketing and PR activities

After the fair:

Support with VAT and tax refunds

For visitors

At the AHK Southern Africa you can obtain admission tickets, trade fair information and visitor brochures in advance online or directly on site. In addition, we can organise visitor delegations for you.

Fairs in Africa

Some fairs in Africa have over 50 years of experience, regionally as well as internationally.

Companies wishing to enter these markets need precise guidance to ensure a successful entry. The experts of the AHK can support Southern Africa in this challenge.

Growing interest in doing business in Africa

When companies increasingly choose to set-up their headquarters in one continent, manufacture from another and provide solutions in a third, one can gauge that the reality of doing global business is here. 

With ten of the fastest growing economies in the world originating in Africa, the interest in doing business within the continent has increased. What remains an important component of business expansion is the participation in trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences. These events provide a mobile office solution and direct customer communication for suppliers of products and services that meet the needs of these growing economies.

Certain trade fairs in Africa have a solid base with over five decades of market experience in building international and regional trade relations.

Companies looking to expand into these markets need specific guidance in order to realise successful involvement in the selected economy of interest. This is where the Trade Fairs Department at the Southern African - German Chamber of Commerce and Industry can assist.

We have adapted our services to better support your expansion into Sub-Saharan Africa:  

  • The German Chamber hosts annual country briefing seminars to offer a platform for exporters, governmental agencies, ministries and media partners to communicate and debate challenges and access opportunities available in the highlighted country.
  • The Chamber has conducted Sub-Saharan Spotlight Surveys to guide our team in providing specific support for companies looking to expand into selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Our project managers have responded to your feedback by preparing a multi-sectorial portfolio of carefully selected trade fairs, conferences and exhibitions in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Chamber provides and plans marketing campaigns for exhibitors and delegates attending these elite events.
  • Our website, twitter, Facebook and other online platforms are enhanced to provide a dynamic catalogue of our services and upcoming opportunities, including complete exhibition packages and valuable conference programmes throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.