Market Entry

Entering a new country requires a lot of time and effort. Our experts have comprehensive market knowledge and the appropriate know-how that can help you enter the market.

Our offer at a glance

Business Partner Mediation

We are happy to take over the placement of competent business partners in Southern Africa and bring you in touch with potential sales representatives, trading partners, customers or manufacturers through comprehensive, target group-oriented research. An employee becomes your permanent contact and activates our network for you. He handles both the business partner's address in the local language and the first correspondence with the selected business contacts, thus opening the doors to a new market.

Your advantages with a business partner mediation:

    • Research of the right contact person (management or purchasing management)
    • Neutrality through the use of an independent, already established in the market service provider
    • Cost savings by accepting the address of the potential business partner
    • Time savings through organization of appointments
    • Presentation of your product or service in the respective national language
    • Assistance through introduction to business customs
    • Preparing for the target market through close contact with you in preparation

If you have questions or for further discussion regarding the support in the mediation of potential business partners or sales representatives, we are of course happy and at your disposal.

Address Research

In accordance with your specifications, we will determine suitable company addresses for you in Southern Africa. Both our broad network within the country-specific economy and our access to current databases and a multitude of coordinated information sources guarantee you a reliable selection. A smooth international company information is also possible over several countries of a region.

Office-in-Office (corporate presence)

For many small and medium-sized German companies, entering and expanding the South African market is a challenging task. In addition to limited market experience and great distance, it is primarily the lack of personnel and financial resources in their own company that makes it difficult to enter the South African market.

With the Office-in-Office-concept, the AHK Southern Africa offers German companies a cost-effective alternative to setting up their own representative office or subsidiary.

Especially the state-owned company address is a convincing argument against potential business partners. As an extension of the export department on site and a link between the German company and foreign customers and partners, the Office-in-Office concept allows for a reasonable amount of time and money to gain a foothold in the foreign market without having to set up an office with its own staff have to.

Your advantages of a business representation:

  • Significant cost savings through shared equipment and manpower
  • Easier contact between companies and customers abroad
  • Support from bilingual employees who are familiar with the foreign market
  • Use of the information and contact network of the AHK (existing databases)
  • Constant exchange of experience

Business and delegation trips

Are you planning a business trip to South Africa for your employees, colleagues or members of your association? We coordinate your trip with appointments in the desired target industry as well as the search for new interlocutors from private to state decision makers. In addition, we accompany you to appointments and support you with our market experience and our cultural knowledge.

Our offer at a glance:

  • Preparation, background research and planning of your itinerary
  • Accompanied by a bilingual helper who will pick you up at the airport. In addition to the safe protection of a local expert, you will also receive an informant who will provide you with the latest news about the country and its people.
  • Organisation of the supporting programme Appointments with potential business partners
  • Organisation of seminars, company visits or production visits.
  • Whether city hotel or lonely lodge in a nature reserve - we organize your meeting in an appealing setting.

We help you to transform contact data into trade partners. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.