Competence Centre: Industry

The competence center serves as an information, networking and consulting platform for the economy.

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The Competence Centre: Industry

The Competence Centre: Industry will facilitate market entry support related to industrial products. This will also include related sectors such as consumer goods and health care.

The main representation of the Competence Centre is based in Johannesburg with supporting project management staff available throughout the German Chamber’s office structure.

Industry 4.0

A focal point of the Competence Centre is on Industry 4.0. A corresponding working group comprising of industry leaders was established in 2018 with the aim of being amongst the leading pioneers of industry 4.0 in South Africa.

The Committee:

  • will focus on all fundamental matters related to digital transformation of business
  • engage in the continuous development of the digital transformation process 
  • regulate focus areas of the Committee, in the field/sector of:
  1. Digitising industrial processes
  2. Digitising the work environment Innovation and 
  3. Start-up companies/organisations.

Is there a Market for your Product in South Africa?

If there is a market for the product in Germany, there is most probably a market for your product in South Africa.

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