Posting Your Profile

Where will your job application be published?

  • On our website under Job Search
  • In our newsletter

How long will your job application remain online?

Your job application will remain on the above media channels for three months, unless you have already completed your job search. An extension for another three months is also possible.

How much does the publication of your job application cost?

  • Within South Africa: 400 Rand per ad (including VAT)
  • Outside South Africa: 25 Euro per ad 

Please send us your profile with the following information to info[at] :


  • First Name, Last Name, Email address, Residence
  • Profile Title: This title could either be your desired position or line of business, your highest educational achievement or your current profession. [max 60 characters]
  • Education: [max 250 characters] 
  • Work Experience: [max 400 characters]
  • Language Skills: [max 250 characters]
  • IT Skills: [max 250 characters]
  • Desired Position and Location: [max 250 characters]
  • Other: [max 250 characters]

More details

  • Your job request will be published in English.
  • We will send you an email with the details for the payment of the fees. Please send us the transfer confirmation (for example in the form of a scan or screenshot). 
  • By sending us your data, you confirm that you have read the privacy policy and the information requirements for data processing and that you agree to the processing of personal data.