Maputo office

Maputo office

The Maputo office was the Chambers first office outside of South Africa, established in 2014. This office is responsible for the Mozambican market, with a focus on market development in major industries such as mining, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, logistics, harbour industry, including water and infrastructure development. Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world: 60 % of its inhabitants live below the poverty line. Although the country's economy continues to grow unabated, so far only the social elite and foreign investors have benefited.

Current Services:

  • Market Entry Support
  • Market Information
  • Delegations and events

Business Partner Searches Current Projects:

  • The founding of the bilateral Mozambican/German Business Association
  • Establishing dual training offerings
  • Encouraging local private sectors advancement, development cooperation

Developing the economy worldwide

An expert for development cooperation working at a German Chamber of Commerce Abroad (AHK)? What at first sounds like an unlikely approach has already proven to be very efficient for many years. In around 30 countries, ExperTS advise local, German and European companies on development policy issues in the following four priority areas:

  •  Sustainable economic development: ExperTS help to advance the sustainable development of the local economy by promoting export industry and innovation.
  • Energy and environment: ExperTS support climate change mitigation and protection of the environment through technology and knowledge transfer.
  • Vocational education and training: ExperTS develop solutions for vocational education and training of skilled personnel in cooperation with the private sector.
  • Digitalisation and start-ups: ExperTS connect start-ups and their digital innovations with partners from the private and public sector. 

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