Market Information

Would you like to inquire about the potential of your product or service in South Africa? Our expert will inform you comprehensively and give you a comprehensive overview of the South African market.

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You will also receive initial information on the South African market from our partners at GTAI.

We also regularly publish up-to-date information on our website.

We offer the following services:

Market Research

Market analyses serve as a basic building block for defining strategic and operational goals for marketing campaigns. Our comprehensive analysis is tailored to customer requirements and includes information on economic developments, market trends, the state of the industry, market and customer structure, as well as existing procurement and sales structures and key competitors.

Market Studies

Would you like to learn more about the market conditions of your industry in South Africa? We will conduct a comprehensive market study for you! The market study provides you with general information about the industry and is not only tailored to your product.

In consultation with you, we create the structure of the study and then research the necessary information. We use statistics and studies from local industry associations and organisations.