Neues von der AHK Südliches Afrika

Results of the AHK Southern Africa bi-annual survey on “South Africa’s Economic Climate 2022” Johannesburg, 21 April 2022


The Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Southern Africa) conducted its bi- annual survey under the title “South Africa’s Economic Climate 2022” in the first quarter of 2022.

The total number of member companies surveyed was 453, with a response rate of 17%.  While 9% of respondents rated the current economic climate as good, 44% rated it as satisfying, and a total of 47% expressed a negative sentiment. 32% of participants have a positive outlook on the development of the economy. The majority of 46% feel that no improvement will be achieved, and 22% are expecting things to get worse.

However, the member companies of AHK Southern Africa are still invested into the country, as indicated by 80% of respondents, planning additional investments in the next three years, as well as the creation of new jobs by 78% in the same timeframe.

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