More than just a slogan? By Friedrich Kaufmann and Winfried Borowczak page 15

Following the devastation caused by Cyclones Idai and Kenneth in March and April, Mozambique must rebuild the provinces that were particularly hard hit, as well as the city of Beira. Hopefully the country will not only reconstruct buildings and infrastructure, but also develop greater resilience.

An international donor conference on 31 May and 1 June recently generated $ 1.2 billion in financial commitments for the reconstruction of Mozambique. That is just over a third of the $ 3.2 billion that the Mozambican government has estimated that it needs (also see our comment in D+C/E+Z e-Paper 2019/05, Debate section). The outcome of the donor conference must have been sobering for Mozambique and its government. The provisional reconstruction plan presented at the conference was also disappointing. It contained little more than conventional ideas aimed at restoring the status quo. Due to the structural corruption at all levels of the state and administration, mega financial scandals and widespread self-enrichment, donors were sparing with their commitments. [Mehr]