Dez 05

Introducing Electric Vehicles to Southern Africa

An Opportunity for Deep Systemic Innovation towards a Green New Deal

The electrical vehicle is taking the world by storm. Following the Paris Agreement, one of the goals related to curbing carbon emissions is that by 2030 20% of all road vehicles should be electric.

China, Europe and North America dominate the market even though it is still small. South Africa is far behind, with fewer than 1,000 e-vehicles on the road.

Earlier this year, during the TICAD meeting in Japan, President Ramaphosa test-drove a Nissan Leaf, which is an electric semi-autonomous vehicle, which will be available in SA from 2020. But what will the large-scale adoption of the e-vehicle globally mean for Southern Africa? This is the focus of SAIIA’s new Regional Observatory work. The study explores which sectors will be affected most in the region, as well as the implications for the region’s development trajectories should the e-vehicle be adopted worldwide.



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