Law & Taxes

The AHK Southern Africa advises you in all commercial and tax matters on national characteristics and helps you to overcome intercultural hurdles.


Our consulting activities in South Africa focus on commercial law, start-ups and information on companies and creditworthiness.

We offer the following services:

General advice on South African law

The AHK Southern Africa advises and supports you in your business in South Africa and in cross-border legal issues, especially in the areas of:

    • employment Law
    • business Law
    • social law
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • bankruptcy law
    • contract law

Upon request, we will assist you in drafting and auditing the contract, prepare legal opinions and take over the correspondence with the authorities on site - for example, when applying for the approval of your company as a temporary employment agency.

Company Formation

We offer legal support in the establishment of limited liability companies, representative offices and branches in South Africa or neighboring countries.

When entering the market, companies are able to set up different types of company: company, branch or joint venture. A crucial consideration in choosing the right form is the question of a local representative or shareholder.

We accompany you with the company foundation, from the first orientation, over the registration up to the start of operation (the extent of the achievement is country-specific).

Company and credit reports

For new business partners or customers as well as for existing business relationships, it is always advisable to obtain up-to-the-minute and up-to-date information about the companies.

The following company information can be obtained from the AHK Southern Africa:

    • Commercial register extracts (in English)
    • Balance sheets (in English)
    • Credit information (in English)
    • Property Review (in English)
    • Verification of real estate in the local land registers (in English)
    • Special information on request

Customs Information

AHK South Africa customs experts advise and assist you in importing goods into South Africa and provide you with information on customs regulations, customs clearance and customs duties in case of difficulties with customs clearance.

Debt Collection

The collection procedure of the AHK Southern Africa includes the following steps:

1. Examination of the claim

  • Verification of the enforceability of the claim
  • Coordination of the next steps

2. Establishing contact with the debtor / reminders

  • Telephone contact with the debtor
  • Preparation and dispatch of up to three reminders by our legal department in accordance with local practices
  • Agreement, if necessary, on special payment modalities Implementation of an amicable settlement

3. Checking incoming payments or alternative procedures

  • Monitoring compliance with payment agreements
  • Checking incoming payments
  • Proposal for mediation or judicial procedure, if appropriate

4. Final report

  • Preparation of a short final report on the measures carried out