Dual vocational training

With our dual training courses, we qualify employees and executives for the German-South African market.

The AHK Southern Africa with its CATS department is the advisory and coordinating body in the field of dual vocational training in South Africa. We monitor and control the quality of the training programmes, both in content and in the implementation process.

The Commercial Advancement Training Scheme C.A.T.S. is in close contact with both South African and German companies throughout the country and has developed training programmes in collaboration with the current SETA Curriculum (Sector Education Training Authority) to offer unique training methods tailored to the specific training needs of member companies and sponsors.

A 2-year vocational training leads to the dual degree in Business Administration, which is valid in Germany (DIHK) and in South Africa (FASSET/ ICB).

Training as a mechatronics engineer takes 3.5 years and is based on the German training system.

Particular attention is paid to the training of young people from the townships of Gauteng.

In order to start recruiting trainees, we turn to companies that are either interested in taking on trainees or in supporting trainees.

About CATS:

CATS - Commercial and Advancement Training Scheme was founded in 1985 by the German-South African Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is the commercial training department of South-African-German-Training Services (S.A.G.T.S.). CATS takes care of the dual training model established in Germany and the integration of theory and practice in the workplace.