Assessing the bilateral business communities needs as South Africa heads for 6th Democratic Elections on 08 May 2019

Johannesburg, 10 May 2019- An estimated 27 million South Africans headed to the polls on 08 May 2019 to cast their vote in the country’s sixth democratic elections. As millions of South Africans made their voice heard, so has the German bilateral business community.

In the run up to the elections the Chamber conducted a survey amongst members in order to identify and highlight suggestions for the newly elected government with the aim of fostering positive economic growth. The survey conducted in April 2019 posed the following ten matters: Urgent priorities for the newly elected government, Bureaucracy, Corruption, Land expropriation without compensation, Load shedding, Growing the economy, Infrastructure development, Critical skills required within their organisation, Privatisation of State Owned Enterprises and Future investment prospects. The message to the newly elected government is clear and decisive;

  • 93%- eradicate corruption.
  • 80%- ease bureaucracy.
  • 70%- opposed to land expropriation without compensation.
  • 66.33% indicated a need for the privatisation of state-owned enterprises.
  • All respondents indicated that load shedding had an adverse effect on their business, 57% severe and 43% indicated a slight impact.
  • Respondents represented the engineering, automotive, manufacturing, financial services and legal and advisory sectors.
  • The top 5 critical skills were identified as engineering, IT, marketing, commerce & finance and management.

Overall a positive sentiment was reflected with 66% of respondents indicating a positive outlook for future investments. Ms. Sabine Dall’Omo President of the Chamber and CEO of Siemens Southern & East Africa says; “This is a clear indication of the commitment of German companies to South Africa, however corruption is a debilitating issue that impacts severely on economic growth and our appeal to government is to eradicate corruption in all echelons.”