Building resilience into your business to manage South Africa’s changing environment

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21.08.2018 | 08:00
- 11:00
47 Oxford Road, Forest Town, Johannesburg


Heidel Bekker
South Africa Tel: +27 (0)11 486 2775
Email: hbekker(at)

The Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has the pleasure of inviting you and your business associates to an Information session with AURIK Enterprise Development.

"Building resilience into your business to manage South Africa’s changing environment" 



Tuesday, 21st August 2018


08:00 for 08:30 till 11:00


Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry
47 Oxford Road, Forest Town, Johannesburg

Participation Fee:

R 380.00 VAT inclusive
Networking over refreshments
Booking is essential. No booking – No seats – Book now.
Contact Heidel Bekker on hbekker(at)

Guest speaker: 

Pavlo Phitidis
AURIK Enterprise Development

About the event:

The changes faced by businesses in South Africa are immense and ceaseless – from the wave of technological adoption being witnessed in the SME segment, to evidence of climatic change in the Knysna fires, Western Cape drought and Durban floods. The socio-political landscape is changing too, affecting policy and legislative environments significantly. Building a business in this environment poses many challenges, and resilience is a key requirement to thrive and survive in 2018.

AURIK Enterprise Development and the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry invite you to an information event, presented by Pavlo Phitidis, founder of AURIK Business Accelerator, who will speak about South Africa’s single biggest challenge, how it came about, why it remains and its impact on the economy and businesses. Guests are invited to learn about what businesses are doing to tackle this challenge and, in so doing, are enjoying levels of performance that benefit not only them but the entire sector, in which they operate. Drawing on statistical evidence to comprehensively identify the problem, guests will be presented with case studies of entrepreneurs, with whom Mr Phitidis has worked, to demonstrate resilience in action and how the problems are being solved.

There will be takeaways and insights for all business owners and senior executives in corporate or multinational entities, the insights of which will be more than motivating – they will offer practical steps that will benefit businesses in the short term.

For further details and to confirm your attendance, please contact Ms Heidel Bekker, hbekker(at), Tel. 011-486 2775. 


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