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Dear Reader,

In the run up to the elections in 2019, we will see a number of heated debates around three main issues:

  1. Expropriation without compensation
  2. Minimum wage
  3. The further tightening of the regulations around Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and Localisation.

These three topics will overshadow a number of equally important issues. While President Ramaphosa tries to excel in a difficult balancing act between meeting the expectations of the electorate and the realities of an economically weak environment, while also trying to meet the expectations of investors - both local and foreign from Germany and Europe - for clarity. Questions that have to be asked are:

  • What will be the principal guidelines for the renewal of the country’s economy? 
  • What is being done to retain existing foreign investment in the country? 
  • What is being done to attract new investment? 
  • The ambitious aim of the president, according to the media reports, is to attract more than 100 bn USD in new investments into the country.

Whether this goal will be achieved depends largely on the degree of certainty regarding economic policies, the actual implementation of an investment-friendly environment and the reduction of existing red tape around the regulatory framework.

Uncertainty, in any respect, is poison to the improvement in the economy of South Africa. 

The German investor community is ready to engage in dialogue with the political decision makers in South Africa. German companies are ready for partnerships with their South African counterparts. Recently, a business delegation from Thuringia continued their discussions and negotiations with South African companies that began last year.

In the coming weeks, the Chamber will host two major delegations from the German Federal States Lower Saxony and Bremen. 

Headed by Premier Stefan Weil, the delegation from Lower Saxony will visit the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape and Gauteng to explore new opportunities for cooperation from May 6 to May 13, 2018.

This will be followed by a delegation of 60 delegates from the city state of Bremen and Bremerhaven, chaired by the Lord Mayor and Premier, Carsten Sieling, and the Senator for Economic Affairs, Labour and Harbours, Martin Guenthner. This delegation will visit the Western Cape and Namibia from June 1 to June 10, 2018. Both delegations offer excellent opportunities to enter into business discussions with interested German companies.

The Chamber is looking forward to welcome these important delegations and facilitate fruitful business contacts.

Kind regards

Matthias Boddenberg
Chief Executive Officer 



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BASF South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Siemens (Pty) Ltd


ThyssenKrupp Representative Office for Southern Africa


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Schauenburg (Pty) Ltd







Upcoming Chamber Events

Master Class: Make Disruption Count Through Lean Platform Innovation
Johannesburg, 12 April 2018 – In the modern-day rat race, the name of the game is no longer “eat or be eaten”, but rather “disrupt or be disrupted”. All businesses can expect some form of disruption, be it changing customer requirements, the introduction of new technologies, different demographics, or the demand for personalisation. The key to success now lies in how a company responds to or anticipates disruptions.
[Read more]

Thuringia Delegation: Business Breakfast at Country Club Johannesburg
In honour of the business delegation of companies from the German Free State of Thuringia, which was organised in cooperation with the State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen), we invited our members to get to know the delegates over a business breakfast. We would like to thank our members and the delegates for their participation in this event. (link to the FB album: https://bit.ly/2I0VYmI)

Members’ Luncheon with EU Ambassador, Dr Marcus Cornaro
Johannesburg, 24 April 2018 – Members of the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry came together at the Johannesburg Country Club in Auckland Park for one of the SAGCC’s ever-popular Members’ Luncheons. This event’s guest of honour and speaker was the Head of the European Union Delegation to South Africa, Ambassador Dr Marcus Cornaro. [Read more]

Corporate Immigration Service Africa
Introducing our new immigration services, which cover Southern and Eastern Africa and are aimed at providing a convenient, customer-focused immigration solution for corporations and their assignees - offering efficiency and peace of mind.

With this service, potential customers are offered advice on the most suitable immigration solution to meet their company’s needs. We can take care of the collection of required documents, prepare the necessary applications, assist with the submissions and follows-up on the progress with the relevant authorities until the visas are issued. We also proactively manage possible extension and departure process and ensure that the assignees and their families are compliant with local
immigration requirements at all times. We prepare all applications in South Africa ensuring compliance with data protection as well as anti-corruption legislation.

These services include the facilitation of work and residence visa and permits for the following countries: Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

This new service is offered in partnership with IBN Immigration Solutions, the leading independent immigration advisory firm for southern and eastern Africa. 

For more information,  please contact Danilla van Jaarsveldt at Tel: +27(0)11 486-2775 or immigration@germanchamber.co.za


German Business Table “Stammtisch” MAPUTO

SA Business Day in Hamburg

Hamburg Port Anniversay – Partner Country South Africa

Ball of HOPE 2018

German Business Table “Stammtisch” MAPUTO

Invitation Symposium: German Technology – Tailor Made for Foodstuff Processing & Packaging

Annual General Meeting




Advertise with the Chamber



Advertise in SA-German Chamber’s Annual Report
Access decision-makers throughout Germany & SADC by advertising in the Chamber’s Annual Report 2016/2017! The Chamber’s Annual Report is sent out to over 600 SAGCC members throughout Germany, Switzerland, SADC and South Africa as well as over 1000 business leaders, governmental departments, media and associations within South Africa and the SADC region. This year, the Annual Report centres on the theme: A regional approach to water management in Southern Africa. For more information,  please contact Claudia Schmidt at Tel: +27(0)11 486-2775 or cschmidt@germanchamber.co.za


Multi-Chamber -
Business Breakfast Invite
"To Eskom or not to Eskom"
Spanish Chamber of Commerce
In cooperation with
the Belgian Chamber

Schulbasar (Johannesburg)

Electra Mining Africa




Exclusive Members’ Discounts
Being a member with the SA-German Chamber just got even better! To help you make the most of your partnership with us, we are offering discounts with various hotels, airlines and car rental companies around our offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Maputo and Lusaka exclusively for our members. If you are a member with the SA-German Chamber and would like to take advantage of these deals or would like to give your company exposure on our list of discounts, please contact Claudia Schmidt at cschmidt@germanchamber.co.za.
>> Booklet 



These are the latest
members that joined our network in the past two months.




The Competence Centre: Mineral Resources (CC:MR)

Mining on TOP: Africa Summit 3-4 July 2018 - Geneva, Switzerland 
Recent global rebound in commodity prices, mining companies and international investors has highlighted the need to discuss how to capitalise on upcoming market shifts and the most promising commodity investments. The 5th edition of Mining On Top: Africa Summit will be dedicated to connecting African governments to European mining companies and financial investors will be focussing on strengthening relations between all stakeholders, generating long-term value and in identifying the most promising commodities. [Read more]

For more information, please contact:
Mr Rene Zarske at rzarske@germanchamber.co.za or
Mr Christian Gevers at cgevers@germanchamber.co.za  
Web: http://resources.germanchamber.co.za/en/


The Competence Centre: Mineral Resources (CC:MR)

Electra Mining Africa 2018: German Pavilion at Africa’s leading trade fair

Electra Mining Africa will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa from September 10 to 14, 2018. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is sponsoring a German Pavilion in response to an initiative by VDMA.
Registration is now open




The Competence Centre: Sustainable Energies (CC:SE)

EUREM – European EnergyManager training – starting in Cape Town
In collaboration with the South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre (SARETEC) the SA-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry is offering the European EnergyManager training programme (EUREM). The training is held annually in Cape Town and the 2018 course will start on the 18th May.

EUREM is a standardised training, which enhances the skills of technical experts in the field of energy efficiency improvement and energy management. The EUREM programme is offered in 30 countries and covers nearly all energy-relevant issues which can arise in companies. Thus the EUREM helps manufacturing and service-based companies to reduce their energy consumption and save money. [Read more]  

The CC:SE is based in Cape Town. 

For more information, please contact 
Mr Jens Hauser at jhauser@germanchamber.co.za or
Mr Markus Wolf at mwolf@germanchamber.co.za. 


Sustainable Energies






The Competence Centre: Training and CSR

The Southern African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with various institutions (i.e AIDC, Sedibeng TVET College, DHET) and various companies have agreed to offer a 3.5 years mechatronics technician training in accordance with the German training system. Particular attention is paid to the training of young people from the townships of Gauteng. MERSETA is the official training authority, which certifies the local degree and is involved in the process from the outset and the DIHK certifies the international degree.

In order to kick off the recruitment of apprentices, we are reaching out to companies who are interested in either taking apprentices or sponsoring apprentices. The Mechatronics Bridging Programme will commence in July 2018. Please contact Isabella Hlabangu on cats@germanchamber.co.za for more information or if you are interested in participating. 

For more information, please contact
Ms Isabella Hlabangu at cats@germanchamber.co.za
Web: http://csr.germanchamber.co.za/


Bavarian Representation in
South Africa

Since 2007, South Africa has been active in marketing Bavarian industry, with the aim of supporting South African companies in their market entry into Bavaria. Meanwhile, the Bavarian representative office in Johannesburg also supports Bavarian companies with their expansion plans in southern Africa and in networking with local business partners.

Do you have any questions about Bavaria as an investment location? Please contact 
Matthias Boddenberg.
Visit the website here.




Western and Eastern Cape - Cape Town

From 18th-20th  April 2018, seven delegates from Thuringia visited the Western Cape to explore business opportunities in the region. The itinerary was organized by our Chamber in co-operation with the State Development Agency of the Free State of Thuringia (LEG Thüringen). Amongst others the delegates had fruitful meetings with Wesgro’s Agri Unit, Fair Cape Dairy, Green Cape, Takealot Online (Pty) Ltd and Sustainable Online (Pty) Ltd.

The Minister President of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Mr. Stephan Weil is will be visiting the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape from the 6th – 10th May. He will be accompanied by some 40 representatives from business, science/academia and politics. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hanover in cooperation with our Chamber’s Cape Town Office, will support the organisation of the business part of the itinerary and will arrange fruitful business connections for the delegates.   

The Chamber of Commerce Bremen – IHK for Bremen and Bremerhaven – is aiming to strengthen the commitment of the companies from the Bremen and Bremerhaven region in South Africa and Namibia. To this end, some 60 representatives from politics, business and science will travel to South Africa and Namibia from 2nd-10th June to get to know the economic structures, meet potential business partners and establish contacts with policy makers. In particular, the growth sectors and market developments in South Africa and Namibia will be explored and detailed insights into port and logistic structures as well as infrastructure in southern Africa will be given. Business Contacts are to be established or deepened during the visit and opportunities for development cooperation are to be discussed with local stakeholders. The delegation is headed by the Mayor Dr. Carsten Sieling and will be in Cape Town from 2nd – 6th May 2018. 

Regional Representative for the Western and Eastern Cape:
Ms Anja Tambusso-Ferraz

Tel. +27 (0)21 422-5577
Fax. +27(0)21 424-3136


HOPE Cape Town

Our prestigious annual charity event, the Ball of HOPE 2018, will once again take place on 12th May at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town. Some 350 guests have confirmed their attendance and will make a huge difference in the lives of many needy children and their families in the Western Cape.

This event is FULLY BOOKED.




KwaZulu-Natal - Durban

Thirteen diversified, high-profile member companies of the Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association within the VDMA will be visiting Johannesburg and Durban at the end of May. They are interested in learning more about this industry and meeting with potential partners. For further details, contact Ms Stefanie Kulhanek, skulhanek@germanchamber.co.za

General Information:
The SA-German Chamber is looking for a new representative in the KZN-Region. In the interim, our regional coordinator, Ms Lea Heidemann (lheidemann@germachamber.co.za), is responsible for the office in Durban. We are committed to our presence in the KZN-province and look forward to continuous cooperation and business relations with our members and partners.

Regional Representative for KwaZulu-Natal: TBC
Tel: +27 (0)31 335 1020
Fax: +27 (0)86 679 0862


Foreign investment continues to rise – Germany benefits

With the “Foreign investments continue to rise - Germany benefits" survey on foreign investments in manufacturing industry in the spring of 2018, the association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) is presenting an analysis based on the results of a supplementary survey as part of the DIHK business survey at the beginning of 2018. This special evaluation continues the DIHK survey on foreign investments, which goes back to the year 1995. [More]




Maputo Office

Business News Mozambique: Click here

Trade Fair FACIM in Maputo
As in years gone by, Mozambique will host the 54th edition of the multisectorial FACIM (Fair Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial of Mozambique) trade show to take place at the end of August 2018 (27th to 2nd September) in the Maputo province in Maracuene (35km from Maputo city). German companies have participated in the past under a German Pavilion, which has proven to be a great success every year. The stands for these companies were of a professional design and very visitor-friendly. The German Pavilion has been visited regularly by the likes of the Mozambican President and many high-ranking Ministers.
[Read more]

Representative in Mozambique: Dr. Friedrich Kaufmann
Tel: +258 2149 3260
Fax:+258 2149 3258


About Schengen visa

Please allow a minimum of six weeks to book your appointment and apply for your Schengen visa if you are a non-EU citizen. Online appointment booking system:
Tel: 0861 00 22 45 or www.visa-germany.co.za. Please note that your personalised trade fair visitor entrance ticket and your proof of payment serves as your “invitation letter” when applying for your visa, if you are a South African citizen.




Lusaka Office 

Water Delegation to Zambia
From 16-20 April 2018, the SA-German Chamber and the German Water Partnership led a German business delegation to explore Zambia's water management sector within the context of the SME market entry programme offered by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The delegates had the opportunity to meet with Zambian institutions in the water management sector, make site visits to local water treatment plants and attend seminars around joint projects. The delegation ended with a networking event with members of the Ndola and district Chamber of Commerce and Industry was followed by a visit to the Mopani copper mines in Kitwe, where water management issues were discussed with the managers.

Representative in Zambia: Mr Johannes Kurt
Tel: +260(0) 97 42 52 091


 Messe Berlin





The ‘Why, Where, When and How” to exhibit with the support of the Chamber: If used correctly, a trade show can be one of the most effective marketing tools available to your company. Your targeted customers visit you, in large numbers, to experience your product in action and meet you face-to face.

For more information, contact Ms Innocentia Mazindo on tradefairs@germanchamber.co.za



Trade Fair Calendar



29 May-
01 June
The Tire Cologne

21-25 August
25 August -
02 September

02-04 September
spoga + gafa

18-21 September

20-23 September

26-29 September

26-29 September

23-27 October

12-15 November


 Messe Düsseldorf






AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co. KG

Introduction AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co. KG

AS-Motor is the premium manufacturer for lawn mowers and high grass mowers, as well as 2-stroke engines. We offer our customers professional technology for steep slopes, rough terrain and lawn care. 
Our product range extends from the hand-guided entry-level device to world’s first ride-on mower with remote control. Thus for professional users, such as municipalities and service providers, as well as private customers, we always offer the right product.

AS-Motor is actively seeking distribution partners in South Africa.

For more information, visit our website: www.as-motor.com


Secure as haven, neat as a pin, energy efficient, designer house

3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 1 study, huge open plan living 90sqm,  brand new kitchen. Fibre connection, efficient solar system, off the grid solution,  electricity bill only R 300 pm,  lovely garden, herb bed, veggie pad, good parking for 5 cars in boomed area, near Universities, Rosebank, German school.
R 24.000 per month.
Property details 





Schauenburg Systems' latest digital system, MIMACS, addresses multiple safety & productivity concerns within mining discipline

Digital system implemented for research exclusively for the DigiMine laboratory

Schauenburg Systems focuses on using the latest digital technologies to set standards in health, safety and productivity applications suitable for underground and surface operations. Ettiene Pretorius, Business Manager at Schauenburg emphasised, “Our Company’s mission is to enhance safety and productivity in the mining and industrial markets through innovation and excellent services for the benefit of all stakeholders.”
You can read more about this digital system implemented for research exclusively at the DigiMine laboratory here


German Industriekaufmann

An experienced, self-motivated and result driven German Industriekaufmann (BA equivalent degree, Business Administration), 59, is looking for new challenges in the Southern African region. He has a high degree of mobility & flexibility regarding location & deployment and accumulated more than 25 years’ work experience in various Africa regions (Southern, East and North Africa). The core competence areas are Accounting & Controlling / Business Administration / Internal Controls and management of new entity’s set up in Africa. Furthermore his profound language skills in English, French and German can add value to the assignments or organisation. Interim positions or project related work with a duration of contract are welcome. LinkedIn





Are you interested in market development or the establishment of new companies or subsidiaries in Africa? Perhaps you need help with restructuring companies or business units? Or, you might need assistance with market and product research, benchmarking and developing business contacts on the Continent. We can help you bridge the gap between your vision for growth into emerging markets in Africa and the reality on the ground.

Reduce your risk and control the cost spiral by working with professionals who have knowledge and experience of doing business in Africa.  We have over 30 years of industry and business leadership experience, cross-industry and pan-African, with 20 years’ experience in South Africa.

For more information view our profile.
We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, but are active throughout Africa.  Contact: afrika1@mweb.co.za.


Internationale Beratungstage auf der GlobalConnect 2018
am 20. und 21. Juni in Stuttgart

Die GlobalConnect ist das Forum für Export und  Internationalisierung auf der Messe in Stuttgart. Neben einem breiten Spektrum an Vorträgen und Konferenzen haben Sie auf der  GlobalConnect erneut die Gelegenheit, sich Ihre speziellen Fragen zu verschiedenen Ländermärkten, zu deren Potenziale und Chancen, beantworten zu lassen.  [Mehr]





International Supply Chain Day in Johannesburg / Expanding global service offer in contract logistics

Johannesburg/Bremen. On the occasion of the International Supply Chain Day on 19 April 2018, Röhlig-Grindrod Logistics in partnership with the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry NPC opened the doors of its newly launched offices and warehouse in Johannesburg. 150 visitors from multiple industries were taken on a trip into the world of logistics, which was then followed by a talk by Clayton Thomas, Director of ILS- Industrial Logistic Systems, about "The Warehouse of the Future". Johannesburg warehouse of Röhlig-Grindrod. [Read more]


Resource Sector Mozambique!

After years of relative stability and growth, Mozambique is currently facing a period of macro-economic turbulence. Unstable global prices, high partly unexplained foreign debt and strong inflation slowed down growth and led to a shortage of forex.

[For the full report click here]

Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg
111th Annual Schulbasar: Saturday 26 May 2018

The Deutsche Internationale Schule Johannesburg will host its annual Schulbasar on Saturday 26 May 2018. The school made history this year as the Basar became the first completely cashless school event. In 2018 we want to continue growing with the aim of becoming a commercially viable and professional event in Johannesburg. With this in mind, we would like to offer German corporates the opportunity to showcase their brand using the Schulbasar as a platform to promote themselves. If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project, please contact Savo Ceprnich on ceprnichs@dsjmail.co.za or 011 726 6220/1


Manufacturing Indaba 
Sandton Convention Centre South Africa
19 – 20 June 2018

The annual Manufacturing Indaba will be hosted from the 19 – 20 June 2018 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.
The Manufacturing Indaba is the leading manufacturing event in Sub-Saharan Africa. The 2018 two-day event will focus on the future of manufacturing in Africa and has proved its value in catalysing business connections and helping manufacturers to innovate and grow their potential.  It comprises of both a conference and an exhibition.
For more information on this event, please visit:  www.manufacturingindaba.co.za 









Auf der Website Portal.Afrika berichten Germany Trade & Invest und die Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammer für das südliche Afrika (AHK Südliches Afrika) in einem gemeinsamen Projekt über Wirtschaft und Märkte in Subsahara-Afrika. Portal.Afrika betrachtet branchen- und länderspezifisch das Wirtschaftsgeschehen im  Subsahara-Afrikaraum, liefert Marktprognosen und detaillierte Fakten über Projekte und Ausschreibungen, informiert über Veranstaltungen sowie über wirtschaftliche Hintergründe.  http://www.portalafrika.de/ 



Mein Name ist Monika Scholtemeyer, Baujahr 1960, gesund und fit. Habe 12 Jahre Erfahrung im Gästehaus Bereich, arbeite gerne mit Menschen oder Tieren. In Deutschland habe ich in der Altenpflege gearbeitet. Computerkenntnisse sind durchschnittlich.   Sollten Sie noch Fragen haben, stehe Ihnen jederzeit zu Verfügung.
Handy no. 072 607 4991.




German Youth Orchestra visiting Johannesburg and Pretoria End of August 2018

A unique opportunity for Companies and Organizations.

Grafing, GermanyThe 60 member GrafingerJugendorchester (Youth Orchestra) (GJO)will be visiting South Africa from 28 August to 7 September 2018. With members varying in age between 13 and 26 years, the orchestra is embarking on a journey to link up with other orchestras in South Africa, such as the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra. “Cultural exchange and the opportunity to network, building links between countries, are the main driving forces in the decision for this trip to South Africa,” says Hedwig Gruber, Director and Conductor of the GJO. At least one main concert is planned, which will be held at the Wits Great Hall on September 2nd. The joint performance will include well over 100 young musicians. A visit to the Eyethu Music School is also envisaged, where the German guests will spend a day in class with their Sowetan counterparts.
With its great versatility in form and style, the GJO is looking for further performance opportunities in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area.

For companies or organizations wanting to make use of this unique opportunity, contact:   hedwig.gruber@online.de


Der Tagesspiegel-Special Supplement on the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela

Der Tagesspiegel - Berlin’s leading newspaper - intends to publish a special supplement on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birthday on July 18, 2018. The supplement will examine the extraordinary life and legacy of the former president of South Africa, Nobel laureate and
liberation hero. Which impact does Mandela’s life have on the future of South Africa, on the youth, on art and on sports? Der Tagesspiegel wants to take the unique opportunity of the 100th anniversary to reflect on Mr. Mandela’s life and heritage that show: His personality and his actions are unalterably current. [Read more]




German Chamber Network in Africa presented 40 digital business cases

The next phase for the Strategic Partnership "Digital Africa" was launched on the 22nd of March 2018 in Berlin; the GIZ is the implementing organization of this partnership. More than 80 international development experts and representatives of the IoT community from Europe and Africa have come together yesterday at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The German Chamber Network in Africa (AHK) has partnered with the GIZ and identified almost 40 business cases in 5 African countries. These business cases were presented at the event to German companies that are looking for partners in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Nigeria and Kenya. Follow-up meetings were arranged for the next day.

For more information contact Mr Frank Aletter on Tel: +27(0)11 486 2775 or email: faletter@germanchamber.co.za


Passt Ihr Produkt- und Leistungsprofil zum lokalen Markt? Haben Sie Chancen?

wir schlagen vor, dass wir für Sie in unserer monatlich erscheinenden e-NewsMail eine anonymisierte Anzeige (Chiffre) schalten und Ihnen die Rückantworten zuleiten.

Dafür benötigen wir einen kurzen Text in englischer Sprache, in dem Sie kurz das Profil des gewünschten Kooperationspartners beschreiben.

Die e-NewsMail erscheint jeweils um den 20.ten eines Monats und eine Anzeige (etwa 10 Zeilen, Word-Dokument) kostet Euro 120. Bei Interesse, kontaktieren Sie Frau Heidel Bekker.




“Do good and talk about it”

AHK East Africa opens branch office in Tanzania
Dar es Salaam, 20April 2018 –As more German investors look to Africa for future investments, the Association of German  Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) has given the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce East Africa (AHK East Africa) the green light to establish a branch office in Tanzania. [Read more]

Bits & Pretzels Munich 
Bits & Pretzels, the leading European Start-up Festival, cooperates with selected consulates and established programs to support international start-ups to be part of Bits & Pretzels this September. The purpose of the cooperation is twofold: partners can support their start-ups to participate at favourable conditions. Bits & Pretzels will offer their exposure, valuable networking opportunities, and much more. Read more in the following...


Deutschkurse in Pretoria

German Language courses: Now also in Pretoria! We’ve extended our course programme and you can now learn German at the premises of Alliance Française in Sunnyside, Pretoria. Choose from weekly Beginner’s courses on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. Course fee is R 3.600.  Register here




supported BMWE
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