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Proposal for the Establishment of an Endowment Fund for the Klaus-Jürgen Bathe Leadership Programme

30.10.17 AHK Süd-Afrika - News-Hauptkategorie, Miscellaneous News

Every country needs good leadership in key spheres of human activity, in order to ensure a decent standard of living for all its citizens. Despite the vast resources which Africa as a continent possesses, development in many African countries has been hampered by a lack of committed and principled leadership, resulting in manifestations like corruption, mismanagement of resources, poor educational and health facilities, and rampant poverty. There is an urgent need to ensure that the African continent acquires a critical mass of good leaders who will be committed to uplifting the lives of all citizens.  

The Klaus-Jürgen Bathe Leadership Programme was established at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 2014, through a gift donated by Professor Klaus-Jürgen Bathe of Massachusetts (USA). The primary goal of the Programme is to produce graduates with outstanding leadership qualities and a strong sense of social justice, who will go on to play leading and significant roles in business, government, industry and civil society in South Africa and on the African continent. The initiative focuses on nurturing promising students towards becoming excellent future leaders of South Africa and the African continent. The key components of the Programme are two leadership course electives and a 6-week leadership internship.  

Initial funding amounting to USD 2 million has been provided by Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Bathe. This has supported 26 UCT students to date, of whom 7 have already graduated. However, to ensure the sustainability of the Programme, we wish to establish an endowment fund that will support 30 students every year in perpetuity. This means that every year, 30 committed young leaders will graduate from the Programme and enter into the national economies of South Africa and the African continent. We believe this will make a significant impact on the development of the continent. To achieve this output, an endowment amount of USD 12 million is needed. We are asking for your contribution towards this.  

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Prof. Alphose Zingoni

Programme Director
University of Cape Town 

Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Bathe

Programme Founder
Massachusetts, USA