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06.08.18 AHK Süd-Afrika - News-Hauptkategorie


Tender offers are invited from qualified national, regional or international Tenderers registered under;

  • Local Contractors - PPADB contractor category Code 03 (Civil Engineering), Sub-code 6 (Water Supplies, Sanitation Reticulation and Irrigation Works), Grade E (unlimited)
  • Regional and International Contractors - To provide certified proof of registration, accompanied by a certified certificate of incorporation, from their country of domicile.

for the implementation of Phase 2 of Botswana’s North South Carrier Water Transfer Project, NSC-2.2 CONTRACT No. 1 under FIDIC’s Conditions of Contract First Edition, 1999 (Red Book).  Any combination of national, regional and international contractors in a joint venture will also be considered provided they meet the specified tender criteria

The NSC-2.2 CONTRACT No. 1 is required to supplement the water supply to urban, rural and industrial developments within eastern Botswana.  The NSC-2.2 CONTRACT No. 1 forms a part of the continuation of NSC-2.1 covering the portion of NSC-2.2 pipeline between the Masama Wellfields and Mmamashia WTW, and will convey raw water southwards to Greater Gaborone from the Masama Wellfields as well as from impoundments located in the NE region of Botswana.

NSC-2.2 CONTRACT No. 1 shall comprise the construction of a 1200mm diameter, 82.9km long steel regional transfer pipeline, over a period of 18 months.

The Contractor will be required to perform all aspects necessary to construct the NSC-2.2 CONTRACT No. 1 Pipeline, inclusive of testing, commissioning and training.

The Procuring Entity is the Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services, Programme Management Office, Old Lobatse Road, Plot 25019 Block C, Private Bag 0093, GABORONE.

Tenderers that are Foreign Owned Entities are notified that in line with Citizen Economic Empowerment Policy (CEEP), there shall be mandatory sub-contracting of or JV association with 100% Citizen Owned Contractor(s), who shall undertake works to a minimum of 10% of total contract value as a fully bona fide domestic subcontractor.

Tenderers are also notified of procurement guidelines set out under the Presidential Directive CAB 34(B).2014 dated 29th December 2014 tying Government procuring entities to purchasing locally manufactured goods and services in accordance with Annex I of the same.

Tax Clearance Certificate

Local Contractors
Local companies to provide a Taxpayer PIN and Tax Clearance Certificate No.  MLWS PMO will verify their validity on the BURS e-services portal at