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Master Class: Digital Transformation Roadmap and Building Blocks

17.06.18 AHK Süd-Afrika - News-Hauptkategorie

Johannesburg, 07 June 2018 – The fourth Industrial Revolution is taking the world by storm and, not only is it here to stay, it will only keep evolving further from here on out. While previous industrial revolutions revolved around power, mass production and computers, this game-changer is seeing companies go digital or risk disruption. The Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry had the pleasure of hosting Dr Harry Teifel of Disruptas and Mr Ansgar Pabst of Ansgar Pabst Consulting, who gave a timely seminar on the "Digital Transformation Roadmap and Building Blocks".

Dr Teifel emphasised the importance of the end-user experience in his sessions on the impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and doing business in a world of cyber-physical systems. For some companies, this new Industrial Revolution still sounds like the stuff of science-fiction, but many are seeing the writing on the wall and seeking out practical ways to begin the process of digitalising their processes and learning to “do more with less”. Dr Teifel explained the practical outworking of the “Connection of Everything”, from the interrelationship between people and technology to “Value-Creation Ecosystems” and digitally enabled products and services.

In his session on how to make disruption count through innovative business model design, Mr Pabst gave an overview of platform-based business models, which have the advantage over linear business models in helping companies avoid being disrupted in the ever-changing, digitalising business environment. Platform-based systems and thinking take some getting used to, but the benefits (such as reducing risk due to owning fewer assets) are well worth it. In an age, in which companies can no longer rely solely on market growth, platforms help companies migrate their value.

Members, who attended this event, agreed that the concept of Industry 4.0 is one, which many companies are eager to embrace, but struggle to implement. Seminars and events like these, which offer more insight into the ins and outs of this Fourth Industrial Revolution, are excellent opportunities to get ahead of the game and put their best foot forward in the digitalised age.

About Disruptas
Dr. Harry Teifel holds a Degree in Industrial Engineering as well as a Masters and Doctorate in Commerce. With his company, Disruptas, he has established a network of Digital Transformation competencies, incl. IoT, Change Management, IT Architecture as well as Low-code Application Development, Enterprise Information Management; all key enablers of Digital Transformation. He has previously worked for IBM, DEKRA (Germany) and Daimler, he started his consulting business in 2012. His past clients include Daimler Financial Services, Siemens, BMW, VW, PWC and Toyota. Harry combines systems engineering, real-life corporate experience with outcomes-based consulting. Dr. Harry Teifel, Chief Solution Architect and owner

About Ansgar Pabst Consulting
Ansgar Pabst holds a MBA in Strategy & Innovation and is the principal owner of a consultancy specialising in Disruptive Retail Strategies, Platform Innovation and Red Teaming ( and Ansgar currently consults both incumbents and new entrants wishing to disrupt or facing disruption. Educated in Germany with international senior executive experience (Samsung, Lidl, Walmart) in Retail, Consumer Goods and FMCG (Germany, Scandinavia, UK, US, Australia & Saudi Arabia), Ansgar combines academia and practical insights to formulate an authoritative view on disruption and the strategic response to it.

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