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Innovation for Digitalization

16.03.18 AHK Süd-Afrika - News-Hauptkategorie

Digitalization is sweeping across the world like a tsunami and turns established business upside down. Nearly every day small competitors, who translate modern technologies into viable business models threaten the survival of formerly successful business.

But be careful, don’t just digitalize because everybody tells you to do so. To make one thing very clear: Digitalizing an inefficient process does not lead to an optimized process. It might be faster but it is still an inefficient process. Therefore, make sure to develop sustainable and value driven concepts before you start your journey into the digital world.

Which brings us to the million-dollar question: How do you develop concepts for the digital world with minimal risk and justifiable investments?

Digitalization requires a multi-dimensional approach that focuses not only on increasing efficiency but also takes dimensions like customers, employees and competitors into consideration. Starting with your current situation and applying our framework we are able to systematically guide you through each dimension. With the help of selected innovation methods, e.g. applying innovation patterns, we enable your teams to develop sustainable concepts for the digital future.

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