Board of Investment (BOI)

03.04.17 Member News

The Board of Investment (BOI) is the national investment promotion agency responsible for the promotion and facilitation of all types of investments in Mauritius. Its mission is to contribute towards sustainable growth through the creation of long-term economic activities and high-end jobs in an environment conducive to international business.

Customer satisfaction is BOI's cardinal value.

To demonstrate its concern for efficiency and high performance, BOI has been accredited the ISO 9001:2008 certification.  This constitutes a milestone for the institution and it represents an endorsement of BOI’s stream-lined business culture and result-oriented management processes.

BOI has positioned itself as a 4th Generation investment promotion agency by attracting sustainable investment for economic development, environmental sustainability, social development and good governance. The organisation is constantly reinventing itself in order to stay on the cutting-edge of international business with optimum operational effectiveness.

Its promotional strategy comprises the organisation of international conferences hosted in Mauritius as well as targeted overseas missions, road shows and fairs covering existing and new sectors of growth. It acts as trail blazer to open access to new markets and seize business opportunities, thereby broadening the country's economic space.  The Board of Investment is constantly gearing efforts to diversify the economy by promoting new promising sectors such as fintech, blockchain, high-tech manufacturing, technology-based and high value activities in the agro-industry, ICT and healthcare sectors.

Thus BOI plays a crucial role in stimulating the development, the expansion as well as the growth of the economy by promoting new sectors and showcasing Mauritius as an international investment destination.  The organization also acts as a think tank to advise Government on strategies for investment policies, national investment marketing, investment after-care and country image building.

BOI equally manages various schemes like the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme, the Smart City Scheme, the Property Development Scheme and the Regulatory Sandbox Scheme.

On the international front, BOI has launched offices in Paris, New Delhi and Johannesburg to service the global investor and buyer communities.

In line with the government's strategy to position Mauritius as the business platform and bridge to Africa, the Africa Centre of Excellence (ACE) was officially launched to implement the Africa Strategy.  Acting as BOI's arm, ACE provides investors with pertinent information about opportunities in various economic sectors of activity in Africa. Its database provides market intelligence and updates investors on international tenders and projects while imparting real-time business insights.

In its unflinching commitment to assist investors in the prompt materialization of their projects, BOI promotes Mauritius as a safe and politically stable destination to invest, work, live and retire.

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