Newsletter Business Bavaria

Issue 03 | 2018

NEWS: “Ois Easy“ Start-up Landing Package
You are an innovative start-up that is planning to expand in to the German/ European market? The “Ois Easy* Startup Landing Package” (*Bavarian for a carefree landing) is dedicated to start-ups that want to open an entity / office in Germany and establish themselves long term in the German market. The aim is to make the market entry as carefree as possible. There are no strings attached to the package and it is completely free of charge. » Read more

NEWS: Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018: Munich is playing in the premiere league
Munich is highlighted as being the top German location of global importance in the world’s most important start-up ecosystem study. The location is attributed with having superb qualities in the “Healthcare and Life Sciences” sector “consisting of more than 350 companies in Munich” and the FinTech and Mobility/Advanced Manufacturing/Robotics sector. » Read more

LIFE SCIENCES IN BAVARIA: Innovation throughout Bavaria
Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, digitalisation of the healthcare sector – life sciences are an increasingly important topic in the German economy. There are countless innovations in this sector and many of them are from Bavaria. Hubs for a whole range of different segments have developed throughout Bavaria over the last few decades. We present Bavaria’s BioTech hotspots in this series of articles.

Bavaria’s economy is shaped in the regions. And because no two are the same, we’re taking a closer look at them – from Lower Franconia to Swabia: what makes the Bavarian economy special? We find out. In this part of our series, we are taking a look at Lower Franconia, a modern service and industrial centre in Bavaria.
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