Competence Centre: Mineral Resources

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy has appointed the Southern African – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry to establish and run a Competence Centre Mineral Resources (CC:MR). The Centre is supported by the Ministry and aims to be an information and networking platform for the industry. It is aligned with the Resource Strategy of the Federal Republic of Germany.

As the South African market is one of its focus areas, the Centre is based in Johannesburg. However, other countries of the SADC region will be covered, specifically Zambia, Zimbabwe and the DRC. 

The main tasks of the Centre include:

  • Gather, structure, analyse and provide market information
  • Be a platform for networking and communication
  • Offer services needed to the industry
  • Promote German technology in the market

Further information is provided by the fact sheet that can be downloaded here.

Welcome René Zarske

Welcome René Zarske

After much tireless searching, René Zarske has been appointed as the new head of the Competence Centre for Mineral Resources at the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mr. Zarske hails from Dortmund, Germany. Over the course of his career, he gained experience into in the international markets and has been working for one of the largest banks in Germany in the world’s main financial centers Frankfurt am Main, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Shanghai. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management and a Master of Business, which he received from Bond University in Australia. In the last few years, Mr. Zarske had been involved in various projects, including a project in cooperation with enactus (implementing infrastructure for charge stations) in Africa.

He is fluent in German and English, and also somewhat familiar with Spanish and Dutch. He is particularly fond of sports and is no stranger to the outdoors.

We are happy to welcome René to the Chamber and look forward to working with him going forward

Science Business Society Dialogue Conference

Science Business Society Dialogue Conference

The Competence Centre Mineral Resources attended the Science Business Society Dialogue Conference about the sustainable use of abandoned mines in the SADC region. With ever increasing global demands for mineral resources and the associated rise in mining activities worldwide, pressure is mounting to soon find affordable ways of using exhausted mines in a manner that prevents them from becoming long-term liabilities, often posing environmental and health risks while placing large financial burdens on future generations. Apart from significant once-off investment for post-closure remediation these costs are also caused by indefinite tasks such as ongoing post-mining water management.

Therefore the Competence Centres Head, Mr. Rene Zarske was speaking about the responsibilities of the Competence Centre at the South African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and pointed out how the Competence Centre is strengthening the mining activities in the region. The delegates agreed on the following points:

  1. Finding ways for reliable long-term preservation of knowledge, data and expertise as base of a resilient and adoptive post-closure site management.
  2. The internationalization of social and environmental post-closure costs in planning and approving of mining operations to secure sufficient funds for structured closure and remediation.
  3. Innovative technologies, including affordable low tech and low energy solutions, aimed at preventing legacy sites and transforming potential liabilities into future assets.
  4. Health, safety and capacity building of workers involved in remediation.
  5. Financing and/or enabling reference projects to gain experience in implementing innovative technologies
  6. Continuous exchange of experience in the field

The Competence Centre’s team is looking forward to several workshops and seminars of this important topic.

René Zarske

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