Mineclosure 2018

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Leipzig, Germany

Reclamation is an important and inseparable part of mining and compensates for the unavoidable impact of mining activities on nature, landscape and the society. Without this compensation, mining is not possible, neither from the perspective of the approval procedures nor considering the acceptance of society. Unfortunately, this is not a practice in worldwide mining, even in developed countries.

The increasing demand for raw materials is more and more affecting the environment and thus has an effect on living conditions of people around the world. Already in the early stages of  mine planning, the future needs and requirements of the post mining landscape must be taken into account. Reclamation starts with the first works of exploration and digestion, and the mining ends not until the successful recultivation is finally ensured. The work of reclamation goes far beyond the simple design of embankments and greenery. The creation of new cultural landscapes, which must be stable and safe once returned to the natural and economic cycle, is necessary. The restoration of existing landscapes and uses or of completely new ones is possible.

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Tuesday, 05. June 2018
The Country Club, Auckland Park, Johannesburg
The Junior Indaba
Wednesday, 06. June 2018
Johannesburg, South Africa
Digitalization in Mining Conference 2018
18:00 | Restaurant “Meia Tigela”, Maputo, Av. Vladimir Lenine, Jardim Nangade (ex Dª Berta Parc)
German Business Table “Stammtisch”
Thursday, 07. June 2018
08:30 | 47 Oxford Road, Forest Town, Johannesburg
Masterclass: Digital Transformation Roadmap and –Building Blocks
Wednesday, 13. June 2018
Pullman Hotel Grand Karavia, Lubumbashi, DRC
DRC Mining Week 2018 – Expo & Conference
Thursday, 14. June 2018
08:00 | 47 Oxford Road, Forest Town, Johannesburg
BBBEE Breakfast Seminar
Friday, 15. June 2018
08:00 | 47 Oxford Road, Forest Town, Johannesburg
Time Management Seminar
Tuesday, 19. June 2018
Astana, Kazakhstan
World Mining Congress 2018
Wednesday, 20. June 2018
Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH, Messepiazza 1, 70629 Stuttgart
Internationale Beratungstage auf der GlobalConnect 2018
Thursday, 21. June 2018
Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Lusaka, Zambia
8th Zambia International Mining & Energy Conference & Exhibition
10:00 | Country Club Johannesburg, Napier Road, Auckland Park
Annual General Meeting