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Current Projects:

  • The founding of the bilateral Mozambican/German Business Association
  • Establishing dual training offerings
  • Encouraging local private sectors advancement, development cooperation


Dr Friedrich Kaufmann is an Economist and banker who, before his career brought him to Africa, worked for the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (IfM) in Bonn. In Mozambique, Dr Kaufmann ran the Economic Faculty of the Catholic University in Beira and also worked for GIZ as Programme Director in the Department of Economics (MC) in Maputo. Then Dr Kaufmann worked as an advisory consultant for sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, in the sector of Economic- and Private Sector development.

Investment legislation for Mozambique
In order to provide awareness of the legal frameworks within which foreign and local investors can invest and contribute to Mozambique, the following document has been created. 

Investment Incentives
National or foreign companies and individuals intending to invest in Mozambique in any of the ways permitted, which range from investment with equity or goods and machinery, rights and loans, among others, may apply for incentives for projects in various sectors. The investment incentives system in Mozambique comprises four major components, namely (i) tax incentives, (ii) customs incentives, (iii) incentives related to the repatriation of invested capital and profits, and (iv) the security and protection guarantee provided by the Mozambican state for private property and investment. The Investment Guide document provides more information on incentives and other investment legislation.

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