To support their activities in the Zimbabwean market, the SA-German Chamber has appointed a consultant in Harare. Since 2014, Mr Bernd Doppelfeld, represents the SAGCC in the country and provides support, as well as answers any questions related to the Zimbabwean market.

Mr Doppelfeld strengthens and facilitates the local network of the Chamber. He answers questions related to doing-business in Zimbabwe and provides market information. Due to this, we can effectively facilitate market entry support in this country. Additionally, Mr Doppelfeld supports events related to Zimbabwe in Germany, as well as Southern Africa. He facilitates individual, as well as group delegations.

Bernd Doppelfeld came first to Zimbabwe in 1984 to carry out a consulting project for the Post and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) on behalf of Detecon Consulting, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. From 1987 until 1993 he was responsible for Southern and other parts of Africa in their HQ in Bonn. In 1993 he was assigned to Zimbabwe to run Detecon’s Regional office for Southern Africa.

He left the company in 2006 and worked as a freelance consultant in Zimbabwe. In 2014 he took over the representation of the Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry on a part time basis.



Bernd Doppelfeld

T:  +263 4 494050
M: +263 77 8007544
M: +263 77 2800021